FullForce RC Losi 5IVE-T Pit Box/Screw Kit


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The pit kit that everyone will want to have in their toolbox is here. 
We put a lot of thought into these kits and make sure that we give you the necessary hardware to get you out of a jam. 
Consisting of a generous supply of the most commonly damaged/lost hardware along with bearings, this kit will be one of the most handy items to have in your toolbox!
This would be a suitable alternative to the LOSB6592 Emergency Hardware Kit.


  • M4x12 FHCS 25 PCS
  • M4x16 FHCS 20 PCS
  • M4x25 FHCS 10 PCS
  • M5x30 SC 4 PCS
  • M5x12 FHSC 10 PCS
  • M5x20 FHSC 10 PCS
  • M6x16 FHSC 20 PCS
  • M5x30 BHSC 10 PCS
  • M5x35 BHSC 10 PCS
  • M6x30 BHSC 10 PCS       
  • M5 Locknuts 20 PCS
  • M6 Locknuts 10 PCS
  • 12x24x6mm Bearings 2 PCS
  • 20x32x7mm Bearings 2 PCS

Total 163 Pieces!

Suitable for Losi 5ive-T & 5ive-T 2.0