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PhatDad Front Centre CVD Dogbone - Losi 5ive-T

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PhatDadrc Losi 5ive front center cvd dogbone, machined from American made 300M steel, heat treated to perfection and black oxide finished.
5MM dowel pins are replaceable.
Lifetime warranty. When only the best parts will do. PhatDadrc.
Note from PhatDad:

"Locking diffs, big block motors and electric conversions will void lifetime warranty. My parts are made from heat treated 300m steel. I run a big block and have yet to damage any of my drive train parts.
Maintenance and common sense with your trigger finger and my parts will last a long time, example, never ever land a jump with your throttle wide open, your going to break parts. Have fun guys and thanks for your support"

Suits:  Losi 5ive-T