RTE 28.5cc Competition Longblock 4-Bolt

Rooster Tail Engines

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We have updated the porting in the 2022 version which gives a better power curve and even more torque.

The 28.5cc is easy starting, runs cool, simple to tune and would be the most versatile engine around.

Big punch off the mark, lasts 30 minute finals and pulls a very respectable 20,000k under heavy load.

This winning combination will definitely slap a smile on your dial.

Rooster Tail Engines are designed, hand built and professionally assembled by a qualified mechanical tradesperson, with 25+ years experience in high performance engine building.

Comes supplied with a detailed running in procedure.

The lead time can be up to 14 days, please email for an accurate time frame.

All workmanship on these high-performance engines is guaranteed.  The engines do not come with warranty.

Replacement core for the Zenoah G230RC/G240RC/G260RC/G270RC/G290RC engine.

These also work with CY/Fuelie, CY23RC/CY26RC/CY27RC/CY29RC/F270/GP290 etc.

Comes as shown in image.


  • Competition ported cylinder and piston
  • Crankshaft set up in cases correctly
  • All genuine Zenoah parts

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