RTE Ultra Clutch System - BAJA - Turtle Racing Pinion

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Rooster Tail Ultra Clutch System - for use with Blackbone Pinions (not included).

Suits engines up to 34cc

Our RTE Ultra Clutch System, has taken clutch systems to the next level.

Simple and easy to install, with components we are all familiar with.

This system is capable of high slip and high bite to unleash your engines torque potential.

Our clutch system is the coolest running steel clutch system on the market.  This helps with heat transfer into the engine cases.

The bell is super tough and long lasting, and the shoes are balanced to give a perfect engagement.

Your choice of 7500, 8500 or 9500rpm engagement can be selected.

The most common engagement used is 8500rpm this works well for all situations. 

If you want more engine braking for racing, choose the 7500rpm, and if you need fast take off with high torque for heavy cars and dune bashing, choose the 9500rpm.

System Highlights:

  • Removes all traces of engine bogging on take-off
  • High quality bell with low wear characteristics
  • Fully balanced shoes for smooth and accurate engagement and super long lasting
  • Due to efficiency, it allows engines to run much cooler and last longer

Kit Includes:

  • RTE Ultra Clutch Bell
  • RTE Ultra Clutch Shoes/Spring
  • RTE Drive Plate & Bolt
  • RTE Bolt Kit
  • Installation Instructions

Kit Requires (not included):