TR/OBR Reed Case V2 for G290RC with Zenoah Bearings/Seals

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The V2 case has been redesigned to produce more power and eliminate the need for a mesh mod without affecting cooling or air flow.

V2 reed valves come with a delrin isolator to prevent heat transfer from the case to the carb. 

Complete reed case for the G290RC engine only!!

This case can be bolted up to a stock G240RC, G270RC & G290RC but at the minimum the intake port and pulse hole need to be epoxied.

To get the full potential out of the case reed porting is required.

This case comes complete with hardware, bearings, seals, snap ring, reed block gasket and reed petals/tensioner plates.

This case does not use a gasket to seal the two halves and a good gasket sealer such as threebond 1211 is required.

* We have included Zenoah NSK bearings and Zenoah crankshaft seals. *