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Vertigo Monster Locker Spur Gear Hub - Losi 5ive-T

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Vertigo 100610 Losi 5ive Spur Gear Hub.
OCBaja have been using Monster Locker hubs for nearly a year, if they are good enough for OCBaja, they are good enough for our customers.

- Steel bushing
- No more opening up the diff to change spur gear
- Making a mess, retuning or spending more money on fluid to top up diff to change spur gears is a thing of the past.

For use with: Vertigo Monster Locker Gear Hub Steel Spur Gears - Losi 5ive-T

101155 - 55t Gear
101156 - 56t Gear
101157 - 57t Gear
101158 - 58t Gear