RTE Full Mod Head Kit 32cc * New Release *

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New for 2022 our RTE Full Mod 32cc Head Kit.

New changes allow for superior piston crown cooling, and much tighter clearances. 

Our new design ensures maximum increases in power across the entire rev range, and huge increases in torque without sacrificing reliability.

Super easing starting, precise tuning, low cylinder temperatures, and huge power.

Be sure to check your squish clearance at assembly.

This kit will fit the Zenoah G320RC cases only.

The lead time can be up to 7 days, please email for an accurate time frame.


  • Full Mod Ported Cylinder
  • Full Mod Modified Piston
  • Full Mod Port Covers & Bolts
  • Zenoah 38mm Piston Ring
  • Zenoah Piston Pin and Snap Rings
  • Zenoah Pin Bearing and Washer Set
  • Zenoah Cylinder HD Gasket

Your head kit will be supplied with a detailed running in procedure and assembly specifications.

As with all new engine builds, we suggest the following: Engine Bearings (2) G320Zenoah Oil Seal Flywheel SideZenoah Oil Seal (Large) G320Zenoah Crankcase Gasket G320 and a Zenoah Stock Crankshaft G320

Also consider some upgrades: RTE Carby Stack Kit (rt-carbstack-kit-1107) (Full Mod WT-1107) and RTE Raptor Manifold Kit G320.