RTE WT-990 Full Mod Carburettor

Rooster Tail Engines

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This fully modified Rooster Tail Engines carburettor includes changes that increase cfm and fuel flow to their maximum which has shown to produce 500+ rpm to our fully modified engines with a large boost to the low and mid range torque.

These WT-990 carburettors have been custom modified with high quality, stainless steel sealed bearings on each side of the throttle shaft to help support and seal this area from dust ingress and air leaks.

When dust or sand enters the shaft bore area on an unmodified carburettor it causes excessive wear on both the shaft and the internal bore of the carburettor body.  When unmetered air enters the engine via the worn shaft, it leads to a lean condition, which then causes an engine failure.

This modification stops 99% of dust and sand from entering the carburettor bore and the engine, thus making it more reliable and saving you from an expensive engine rebuild.

We recommend you install our RTE High Temp Carburettor Gasket and RTE High Temp Velocity Stack Gasket for superior heat protection.

Due to the extra fuel flow required it is recommended you install our RTE Super Flow Fuel Line Kit.

Carburettor Specs:

  • Walbro WT-990
  • 15.88mm bore
  • 12.9mm venturi
  • Independent tune-able high and low speed jets

This carburettor does not have an internal choke.

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    990 Fullmod

    Posted by Kieren on 26th Jul 2020

    Best Carburettor money can buy.

  • 5

    Posted by Lubi on 13th Feb 2019

    Swapped out the 1107 due t tuning issues and being unable to start the engine with tune always changing, wt 990 moded was installed with choke on 2 pulls choke off instantly starts and easy to tune , holds tune perfect all weather and temp also I highly recommend the gasket heat insulator, awesome carburettor very responsive , thanks rooster tail engine, damo

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    RTE WT-990 Full Mod Carburettor

    Posted by aleks on 11th Aug 2018

    I would give this carby 10 stars if I could! Best thing I ever bought for my ,32cc Fuelie motor. I didn't realise just how much the factory Walbro WT- 1194(made in China) carb was restricting RPM's, power basically everything. My Baja buggy felt like it was a chainsaw? Very limited/restricted, not very responsive and gutless especially down low and on take off. Swapped out the carb and installed the Rooster 990 in the full mod version and I was literally blown away with the difference. The 32cc Fuelie has come to life. Throttle is very snappy and supper responsive. Power has doubled if not more. My 1/5 scale 4wd buggy would never break traction on bitumen and trying to do doughnuts would end in giant circles and eventual loss of control or roll into gutter. Now it smokes all 4 tyres and does doughnuts on demand effortlessly. I gave the neighbours 10 minutes of hell I was that excited to see it smoke the tyres. I haven't even tuned the carb properly yet, just dialled both needles in about 1/4ish as it was too rich( too much fuel to idel) and gave to buggy a good flog in the street. Also was equally impressed to actually see that this Walbro was made in Japan. Can't say enough how stoked I am with this carb and so will anybody that buys it. Don't waste your money on lesser carbs, for not a great deal more than a stock Walbro WT-990 you could have one of these with all the bells and whistles! Oh before I check out. I did have a small concern with starting. From spending hours reading through forums and other info on the web I was concerned that being chokeless that I might have some difficulties in starting especially from cold? Well that proved to be a non issue. Primed the carb well, 3 slow pulls to prime cylinder followed by a fast pull and she started first pull. Ideled a bit then died. Appeared too rich. Small turn in (clock wise about 1/8-1/4 turn) and she started and idled like a boss! Super impressed. Started better than my choked 1194? Damo sure knows his stuff.