RTE 34cc Full Mod Engine

Rooster Tail Engines

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The Rooster Tail Full Mod G340RC engine is in a class of its own.

We have developed this format to give that extra punch that stock engines just don't have.

This engine pulls really hard everywhere, with no overheating issues.

We have machined the cylinder to accept the 2mm stroke, and all the ports have been changed to Rooster Tail specs to create a well rounded performing monster of an engine.

The piston has been modified to give an unique feel to the performance.

With a very user friendly combination of easy starting, easy tuning, consistent idling and excellent performance in the hot weather, the Rooster Tail Full Mod G340 will run flawlessly, tank after tank.

With ridiculous acceleration, a smooth power band and an impressive top end, this engine is a pleasure to own.

This engine is all genuine Zenoah with some Rooster Tail magic.

Our full mod range of engines now come standard with our high temp gaskets (carby and manifold), and a RTE Competition Modified carburettor which has sealed stainless steel bearings installed on both ends of the throttle shaft for the ultimate sand ingress protection. Also increases the life of the throttle shaft and bore.  And additional upgrades to increase fuel and air flow.

Rooster Tail Engines are designed, hand built and professionally assembled by a qualified mechanical trades person with over 25 years experience in making high performance race engines, carburettors, and clutches.

Comes supplied with a detailed running in procedure.

The lead time can be up to 14 days, please email for an accurate time frame.

All workmanship on these high-performance engines is guaranteed.  The engines do not come with warranty.

Engine Upgrade Options

Carby - Fully Modified

The same modifications as the Bearing and Competition modified options with additional changes to increase cfm and response time. Will produce 500+ rpm to a fully modified engine with a boost to the low and mid. 

Clutch - Performance

Fully balanced and lightened for quicker response time and cooler running.

Engine Bearings - Ceramic

High quality, full ceramic bearings for quicker spool up times, higher rpms and overall engine weight reduction.

Flywheel - Fully Modified

Lightened and balanced for quicker acceleration and higher rpm without sacrificing integrity. Will not fly apart at high rpm.

Seals - Viton Longlife

High quality crankcase seals for high temperature and drag reduction to increase cycle life.

Suits: Baja 5B/5T/5SC, Losi 5ive-T and 2.0/5ive-B/DBXL, Kraken Vekta.5