RTE Super Flow Fuel Line Kit

Rooster Tail Engines

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Rooster Tail Engines has designed a new fuel system to meet the heavy demands the 5th scale high performance industry now produces.  The heavy Losi 5T truck and short course racing tracks are the biggest contributor to this.

Our system comes from my years of experience as a fuel system specialist in automotive and diesel mining road trains.

The system addresses the flow restrictions and constant leaks that plague our available set ups at present.

High quantities of fuel are available at all engine loads, and rpms, no matter the size of the engine or the load it is under.

Modified high flow clunk (fuel filter), better fitting for grommet sealing and lighter than all other systems, we designed this primarily for our full mod carb range, as these carbs have a much higher flow rate through the primary side than standard.

The clunk and the brass fitting are now spec'd perfectly for the fuel line ID.

The system works very well on a standard carburettor also.  You will notice less bubbles in the primer bulb, no leaning issues at top rpm, cooler running engine and carb temps.

The new RTE Super Flow Fuel Filter is now a high performing, clean-able, re-useable clunk.

Kit Includes:

1 x RTE Brass Fitting

1 x RTE Super Flow Fuel Filter

1 x Tygon Fuel Line

5 x Cable Ties

Also available to suit this system (sold separately) is our RTE Super Flow LOSI Fuel Line Adaptor.