RTE Velocity Raptor Intake System G230 to G290

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The new RTE Velocity Raptor Intake System was developed to avoid the mismatch of v-stacks, manifolds and carburettors that cause power loss, leaks, heating issues and tuning frustrations.

And with the addition of our fuel system to the mix, you have the ultimate combination of components that produce reliable, consistent performance in any situation.

Key Points:

  • All components are matched to work together perfectly
  • Superior air filter sealing
  • Increased fuel sensitivity and better fuel economy
  • Accurate metering in all rpm ranges
  • Acceleration and top speed improvements
  • Easy to install and tune
  • Longer run times between maintenance schedules
  • Even torque loading across gasket faces
  • Tuning remains consistent at any temperature and for any run time
  • Improves cold starting
  • Improves engine life and output
  • Increases engine cooling efficiency 

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


1 x RTE Raptor Manifold Kit for G230-G290

1 x RTE Full Mod Carburettor (your choice 990 FM, 1107 FM, or 990 Bearing Mod for 1/4 scale, or other racing restrictions)

1 x RTE Super Charger Velocity Stack

1 x RTE Super Flow Fuel Line Kit - LOSI adaptor not included, can be purchased separately, RTE Super Flow LOSI Fuel Line Adaptor

RTE Velocity Raptor Intake System Installation

Suits:  RC 1/5th scale engines, including G230RC/G240RC/G260RC/G270RC/G290RC

These also work with CY/Fuelie, CY23RC/CY26RC/CY27RC/CY29RC/F270/GP290 etc.

This system does not suit Reed Engines.