RTE WT-1048 ANIMAL Carburettor

Rooster Tail Engines

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Rooster Tail Engines has a new high performance carburettor!

Our new design will raise your performance gains to the next level and beyond.

The Animal carburettor includes changes to the fuel circuits, fuel pump, venturi, and bore to produce what we consider the most powerful carburettor on the planet.   This carburettor will turn any engine into an animal.

We have changed the bearing arrangement to a double seal and a locking mechanism.  Four (4) heavy duty stainless steel bearings are installed and locked to the shaft via o-rings.  This centralises the shaft and stops any axial movement.  It also stops high speed throttle closed vacuum leaks, which are the leading cause of seizures on highly tuned engines.  A high tension throttle return spring has also been installed for superior idle return.

During testing we experienced 1500+ rpm gains in top rpm, with huge increases in torque - way beyond the Full Mod range.

Due to the size of the venturi, the Animal carburettor for the RC CAR range comes with a special V-STACK.

It is also recommended, due to the extra fuel flow required, that our RTE Super Flow Fuel Line Kit is installed.

Carburettor Specs:

  • Walbro WT-1048
  • 15.88mm bore
  • 15mm venturi
  • Independent tune-able high and low speed jets

This carburettor does not have an internal choke.